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As multidimensional beings, we have many parts to us.

When these parts are out of balance, children and adults experience stress, anxiety and depression.  

How balanced are your parts?

Take a quiz and find out!

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Desert in Dark


Bridgepath is a wellness initiative that leads Pre-K through college-age individuals towards improved mental health and wellness practices which reduce anxiety, depression, and the risk of suicide. This is achieved through integrative educational and supportive programs for children, parents, caregivers, teachers, and community leaders.  We aspire to propel a self-functioning cycle of individual and community support and resiliency. 


Marble Surface
Nutritional Cooking

Whole Person/Whole Child

Fitness and Nutrition Coaching


Trauma Informed Counseling
and Therapies for Whole Person/Whole Child Wellness



Children and Adults Individual and Group

Focused On Whole Person Wellness, We Explore Nutrition and Fitness.

Your clothes are speaking for you, Are they telling the truth?


Find balance, joy and resilience, only you can do it!

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